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  • Arrival Time
    - Hello! Thank you for choosing Butterfly Minx! Please arrive at the time of your appointment, ten minutes late and your appointment will be canceled via text. Text me in advance if you may be a few minutes late."
  • Prior To Your Appointment
    - Arrive to your lash appt. with no makeup, mascara, lash glue, oils etc. What you do to your lashes prior to your appt can affect your lash retention. Be sure to remove eye contacts, this can result in an eye infection & the adhesive shrinks the contacts and can increase the chance of red eye and irritation during the process." - Avoid caffeine prior to your appt. ! This will cause your eyes to flutter. If the eyes twitch too much, it may result in rescheduling your appt.
  • Appointment Details: Duration, Attire & Visitors
    - Your appointment time will be anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on what full set/refill you have booked, be prepared & dress comfortable and be sure to use the bathroom before we begin. I recommend coming alone but I am flexible just let me know in advance if you will bring someone with you."
  • During Your Appointment
    - You must keep your eyes closed throughout the entire process, no phones allowed during your appt. Opening your eyes can expose them to the fumes from the adhesive and can also increase red eye and infection. Also trying to use your phone will tense up your eyes and cause eye twitching and will be difficult to continue the process." - Talking is not recommended, this will also cause your eyes to flutter and this can increase the chance of red eye."
  • Lashing Over Artists & Lash Breaks
    - For lashing over other artists work, it will be a $35 fee. However as a lash a professional it is my duty to tell you the state of your natural lashes, if the work is not healthy for your natural lashes it will result in being a full set. If there is too much damage to your natural lashes, I may suggest a break from lash extensions."
  • Squeeze Ins
    - If you text me for an appointment and you do not book online, it is considered a squeeze in. A squeeze in fee is $35, plus the total of the full set/refill."
  • Cancellations
    - All cancellations will result in a loss of your deposit. - 24 hour notice & same day cancellation will result in a 50% charge of the remaining balance to the card on file.
  • No Shows
    - No shows will be charged the full amount of the remaining balance to the card placed on file. - No shows will be blocked from booking, if the card is declined, you must pay the left over balance and text me if you would like to be a client of mine again to be removed from the block list.
  • How To Place Deposit
    - Deposits are placed online when booking to hold your time slot & to compensate my time if there is a cancellation. I am not able to fill a slot last minute which is a loss on my end. Deposits are included in the total cost of the appointment, the remaining balance is due at the time of the appt, paid in cash or card payment."
  • Non-Transferrable Deposit
    - All deposits are nontransferable nor able to be refunded. If you cancel your appointment, another deposit will have to be put on file to book another appointment.
  • No Refunds
    All sales final. NO REFUNDS.
  • Refill Booking Timeframe
    - All Refills must be booked within 2-3 weeks.  Your lashes shed naturally 2-5 lashes per day and begin to grow out due to the lashes natural growth cycle. Anything over 3 weeks or after the 21 day mark will be a full set. If you arrive to your appointment with less then 40% remaining or have damaged your eyelash extensions it will be a full set.
  • Which Refill Set To Book
    - When booking a refill you must book the same set that you already have. For example, if you have a Hybrid full set and then select a Volume refill, you CANNOT do that, you must book a full set if you want to change your style. It creates a messy and uneven look. If you have a doll-eye map and then want to change to a cat-eye, you must book a full set to get the desired look you want."
  • Lash Maintenance - After Your Appointment
    - After every full set and refill, clients must wait 24 hours before wetting their eyelash extensions. No saunas, stay away from excess heat and flames (can singe your lashes), oils, no mascara on the lashes. No sleeping on the lashes, try to sleep on your back, no pulling, tugging rubbing the lashes, be gentle with them."
  • Washing Your Lashes
    - It's important to wash your lashes every day because oil, dead skin, dirt, and makeup build up overtime and can cause bacteria to create lash mites or blepharitis- inflammation of the eyelid, on the lash line and can permanently damage your lashes. - Wash your lashes in the shower, using oil free soap (professional lash cleanser), lather them with your fingers be sure to get in between and underneath the lashes, then rinse. Wash lashes twice a day if naturally oily or whenever you shower. Pat dry with towel, and press down, allow the lashes to fully air dry then brush.
  • Lash Approved Products
    - Brush your lashes 2-3 times a day, no overbrushing that can lead to extra fall out. Moisturize eyelids with oil free moisturizer. Season change can effect retention sometimes causing a shed. - No facial cleansers on the lashes. - Oil free makeup removers can only be used on the lash extensions. When removing makeup, no wipes or cotton balls they will snag the lashes, soap q-tip with oil free makeup remover, get as close to the lash line as possible and follow with lash cleanser. - No cream shadows, eyeshadow can be worn, I don't recommend liquid eyeliner, it will ruin their softness. - Keep in mind the more makeup you wear, you may experience more shedding!
  • No Refunds
    - All sales final. No refunds. Please text if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Shipping Policy
    - Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your shipment
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